Larry and Angela Keeton have been in ministry for a combined total of more than 65 years, serving local churches in varied areas--from youth ministry to singles ministry, pastoring to evangelistic preaching. They met and married when Larry attended Bible college where Angela was an instructor. 

     For almost eighteen years following their marriage, the Keetons lived as missionaries in the nations of the Czech Republic and Poland. There they established ministers' training schools and pastored two churches while working to see missionaries, pastors and local church leaders trained and many new churches planted. They also launched an evangelistic television program, the first ongoing Protestant broadcast in Poland since the end of World War II.  All the ministries the Keetons established in both nations continue today under national leaders they trained.

     Currently Larry and Angela travel in ministry throughout the United States and internationally. They are reaching the lost and strengthening the Body of Christ as they teach, preach and demonstrate the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. Individuals attending the Keetons' meetings have encountered God in wonderful ways as gifts of His Holy Spirit flow and healings and miracles take place.


Testimonies from our Meetings

Deaf Ear Opens

God opened the completely deaf ear of an elderly woman and in the same service opened blocked ear passages of a young man and woman.

Cataract Dissolves

A man came forward in a meeting requesting prayer for a large cataract on one eye. As we prayed in the Name of Jesus, the cataract dissolved immediately!

Scoliosis Healed

A small boy had pain in his back due to scoliosis. As hands were laid on him in the Name of Jesus, his spine straightened and all his pain left.

Torn Ligaments Restored

A man had torn ligaments in his shoulder. After prayer, all pain left, and he could move his arm and shoulder freely.

Freed from Autism

A teenaged boy had a 25 page medical document describing him as autistic and was on many medications. Jesus freed him, and he is no longer on any medication, living a normal life!

Woman Gets New Heart

A woman placed by her doctor on the heart transplant list was healed. Afterwards, her doctor told her, "You have the heart of a 20 year old!"