Experience Greater Intimacy With God!

Excerpts from Angela's Book, Romancing Your Creator...

    " If you knew all that was waiting for you on the other side of the door, you would open the door of your heart to God . . . 

     When you first experience the tangible presence of God, you are beside yourself with joy! You can hardly believe you get to come back into that Presence, over and over again—as often as your heart desires. And God will always be there to totally intoxicate you with His love, His goodness and His beauty. 

     You can drink in as much of Him as you can possibly contain, because no matter how much you drink or how often you come, you will never exhaust the endless supply that constantly invites you back for more!

     Your brain can scarcely comprehend it; your imagination races with thoughts of enjoying this rapturous delight of God’s companionship throughout ages of eternity. Your mind questions over and over: “How can this be? How can anyone be this good, this completely wonderful?” 

     But your heart knows the answer: “I’m experiencing God as He really is. This is the joy He wants to share with every human being. This is the reason I’m alive!"

Embark on a journey that will lead you into more passionate love for God and more thrilling times in His presence than you could have imagined! 

Angela shares personal experiences and practical suggestions to help you go deeper into God's Presence, along with tips for worship leaders and worship teams to enhance times of corporate worship--all within a solid scriptural framework. 

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